Anonymous asked:

how old are your children? (eyes una mama preciosa)

I don’t have any children at this time….and Lord knows I am in no hurry.  I did have a son ( Jude Oliver Sands ) who died of complications associated with his Downs Syndrome.  He would be 5.

It’s time we talked about humankind’s first artistic subject: the nude body.

The nude is a deeply ingrained form of human expression — the oldest piece of ‘art’ is an abstract female nude, the Venus of Hohle Fels — and most recorded civilizations have tolerated, if not embraced the art nude. Yet, the nude is something that we, in the modern world, struggle to find comfort with, as a creative expression.

The Project

For the past two years, I’ve been traveling the country to interview artists of all sorts whose work focuses on the human figure. Dozens of photographers, models, painters, actors and mixed-media artists have spoken with me as I’ve explored this question of the societal reaction to the art nude and how those reactions impact the experiences and identities of those currently involved in creating and/or experiencing art through oral histories.

Anonymous asked:

how are you getting all these roles in films? i know theres a lot of movies being filmed in nola, but i was wondering are you using a agent? or since you were in true detective is your name circulating, and it is happening organically? cheers!

Its happening organically.  I don’t feel like True Detective got my name any circulation but networking does help.  For example recently I auditioned for a role in a short being filmed locally and at first the producer was considering me for a small part in it but the director was a camera man on another film I was in and liked me and now I am going to be playing the lead. 

At this time I have no agent but I would like to get one soon.

Anonymous asked:

tips for directing models?

Personally I like to be given a mood.   Music helps.  Music is another form of art and having it in the background provides an energy that can inspire you.  I like it when the photographer tells a story or brings me into an emotion.  If you are photographing the human form tell the model to hold a possession you like.  If she is in a good position but something is off tell her to stop then direct her to maybe point her toes or vend her waist or lift an arm.

Give the model positive feedback but be honest at the same time  Don’t be shy…if you want her to hold something or to change her position or expression say so.  But on the same note don’t be inpatient.  Models sometimes are giving a pose they think looks beautiful and when you show disinterest it may make them insecure.