Anonymous asked:

Did you stop drugs? Are you good to bake cookies? Do you know any recipe? Thanks.

Yes sir I am off drugs.
And I have the best damn recipe for chocolate chip cookies ever….from my great grandmother
She paid $250 for it back in her day!

wedontneednostinkinpepperoni asked:

Dear Nettie, how are you? i am a long time follower of yours. i've read about your recent problems. how are you progressing? don't give up. trials strengthen us. take good care.

Im doing well. I’m in an out patient program right now. I go there five times a week for four hours a day and regularly randomly piss tested.
I need a job very bad bit all I really really want yo for I’d model and act. Bit first I have to focus on myself and maybe get a normal nine to five job for a little while. But don’t worry about me I have big plans for my future. This is just a hiccup I have to get through first. I’m a soldier… any I got this!