pineislandglacier asked:

"Something in me is a little guilty that I am not contributing to society 
something in me wants to
honestly." You already are. The modern world is a series of reflecting mirrors on images upon empty images; you make something tangible and meaningful. Just because it isn't physically tangible in the way of a car doesn't make it any more less important. Our psychological realities make no such distinctions. I can go on, I only have 46 characters left.

Thank you.  ( I have to admit “any more less important” makes me smile…just the wording, I can’t help myself. )


Someone else mentioned how art separates us from other animals.  I really like this.  I mean, just like human touch and love is necessary to a baby for survival…

( nearly as vital for sustaining life as food, rest and water &nbsp )

…art gives our daily lives reason to go through the necessary motions for survival.

Art gives survival meaning

Artists are contributors 

are artists pretentious

Sometimes, I really wish I had motivation to be like a doctor or a scientist. While i do find the body and how it works to be very interesting, I don’t see myself sacrificing my life to lets say zoning in on alztimers disease to find out why it destroys the brain and how to stop it.
I don’t have an instilled passion for this.

Something in me deep down is an artist and always will be
and I am and will never be satisfied unless I am creating.
Frivolous but beautiful art is what I have mainly created so far.

Something in me is a little guilty that I am not contributing to society
something in me wants to

I am very interested in learning and sharing information
so maybe I can contribute by sharing a study in an interesting, engaging, and tangible way
and maybe someone will read something i’ve written or watch a documentary I make and it will make them engrossed enough that they will become a researcher or doctor or scientist.
I hope so.
I hope I can inspire others to action.
I’d at least feel that I’ve contributed something.