Simple Pleasures

As a kid my parents were very poor. For me it was this big deal to get a hamburger at McDonalds because usually my family pre-packed sandwiches.
I remember once that Taco Bell had Burritos for $.49 and it was such a treat to eat! We got stacks of them.
Another delight was flavored sugar on a stick from Spring Mill for $.60. It looked like pure crystal and I would lick and suck slowly, savoring every bit. My favorite flavor was blue.
We also made a couple trips every year to Apple Achors…a store located on an apple farm. When I was very young I got myself 10 short candy sticks for $.10 a piece that looked like candy-canes but just the stick part. They came in maybe 50 or 60 flavors and I would get about 3 of my favorite flavor, butterfinger, and an assortment of the rest.
When I got older I would get an ice-cream and cherry-apple cider milkshake for $1.63. It was huge and as refreshing as spring!
Even though I felt deprived sometimes that a freakin cheeseburger was a special treat, it made me really appreciate the small things.

Anonymous asked:

I notice in some pictures you are wearing makeup and in others you aren't. In the ones where you aren't, is that a decision that is discussed ahead of time by you and the photographer? I have also done some art modeling, and if I show up without a full face of makeup on, the photographer often asks me to apply more makeup. You and I have worked with a few of the same people, I've noticed, so that's why I decided to ask you. Also, how do you get away with not shaving and still get paid?

Yes, most of the time the photographer and I discuss makeup before the shoot.  Also, if I do wear makeup I tend to try to put make up on just before the shoot when I get to location because that way its fresh. 

My whole look is “natural”  So makeup free or minimal makeup makes sense with my natural body hair if that makes sense.

I actually sometimes am hired BECAUSE of my body hair. I have a consistent look that I have maintained throughout my entire career. In the beginning I did get more requests to shave but that has died down to almost never. After some time you get a particular following. Also my hair can be pretty well hidden for shoots where no hair is preferred if its a clothed shoot.

Feel free before the shoot to discuss with the photographer that you want to do some shots makeup free! I’m sure they would at least be open to starting out bare and later applying makeup so you can start to build a portfolio of more natural shots.

pineislandglacier asked:

"Something in me is a little guilty that I am not contributing to society 
something in me wants to
honestly." You already are. The modern world is a series of reflecting mirrors on images upon empty images; you make something tangible and meaningful. Just because it isn't physically tangible in the way of a car doesn't make it any more less important. Our psychological realities make no such distinctions. I can go on, I only have 46 characters left.

Thank you.  ( I have to admit “any more less important” makes me smile…just the wording, I can’t help myself. )


Someone else mentioned how art separates us from other animals.  I really like this.  I mean, just like human touch and love is necessary to a baby for survival…

( nearly as vital for sustaining life as food, rest and water &nbsp )

…art gives our daily lives reason to go through the necessary motions for survival.

Art gives survival meaning

Artists are contributors