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I did a very brave thing and contacted my ex boyfriend who broke up with me by ignoring me. Not knowing the reason haunted me. So I contacted him and asked him what the reason was (as part of my news years resolution to get over it). His reason is so cold and I still don't completely understand. I cried my eyes out. I've never been rejected in such a cold manner before. I am confused and hurt beyond belief. How do you cope with a break up like this??

i”m sorry…my boy friend also its quite cold sometimes.
but the thing is…but for their defence….i don’t know if anything he could say could really feel warm…you know….
you want him to hug you close and say I’m sorry it didn’t work out
but instead he is just like: we don’t work….and you’ve got to move on.
He cares for you I promise.
Find hugs and love somewhere else, that is important.
an find someone new
love yourself/life!

  1. cavemanpoet said: It was brave. But now is the time to find more courage and learn/realize that what he feels has nothing to do with you. Give yourself time to heal. I struggled with heartbreak also. I didn’t move on until I began to take care of myself. peace.
  2. dlordsadow said: You got your answer, he is cold and heartless, and you deserve better! That’s all you need to know. Full disclosure, I can be a bit cold too. I am working on this, but have never been in a relationship, so I haven’t inflicted this on anyone else.
  3. shessofuckedinthehead said: i feel so bad for this girl, but really you don’t need to understand his reason for leaving you, i think breaking up with you by ignoring you speaks volumes, that sounds so immature, his “reason” must be even more so
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