Louisiana and Life

There is nowhere else on the world so fitting as New Orleans to get a prolonged case of the blues.
This city is inherently therapeutic, empathetic: from the music to the people and what they endure and loose…how they are survivors..survivors and lovers…so in love and dedicated to their city, their people, their land, their history.
But, for me at least, it’s the nature here more then anything else that touches that touches me deeply and nurishes my soul.

There’s been a dense, heavy fog over the charming city of New Orleans for the past week now.
Its stifled the sun completely,
But I haven’t minded at all.
It feels rather like a warm blanket has envaloped…wrapping between buildings tucking them snug.

It never grows old for me to live near the Mississippi river…there its nothing more peaceful then a twilight stroll along the levee wall.
It’s much like a fresh slice of still steaming banana bread soaked in maple syrup and melted melted butter or a hot cup of espresso topped with wiped cream or a long shower with an earthy scented soap.
It calms your nerves, rests your mind and shooths your soul.

I listen heartfelt for the forlorn foghorns droning in the distance, singing out warning into the seemingly abyss as cargo boats and Farris crawl by.

I watch the fog pour in.
Each piratical swirling is beautiful to me as it rushes and blows in quiet furry through the crooked oak trees with their drooping Spanish moss.

Life, like Louisiana, is a harsh environment, always working against you,
But, if you pause, and choose to focus in on it’s beauty and gifts you will discover it is a wonderful Wonderland.

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