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Nettie! Please be VERY careful with an infection like Staph that high up on your body so close to your heart/throat/lungs, so dangerous! I understand how you feel about antibiotics and I don't doubt your instincts about them being more harmful than helpful in some cases (I totally agree, but I had to take 2 rounds of very strong stuff when I got staph via bug bite) so PLEASE monitor yourself with utmost care and do not hesitate to take them if you need to. Get well soon! Xx, PriceLes

Thank you…last year I was on anti biotics give times..once for 6 weeks straight. I would skip doses here and there Anne that is so dangerous.
I’ve been using turmeric, goldenseal, vitamin c, to build immune system and washing my body with iodine and hibiscus soap.
The one I have is shrinking. Tomorrow when I post how much I raised I will also post an update image of my arm.

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